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Art. 321. Absent the requirements that authorize the decree of preventive detention, the judge must grant provisional release, imposing, if applicable, the precautionary measures provided for in article  319 of this Code  and observing the criteria contained in  article 282 of this Code . (Wording provided by Law No. 12,403 of 2011). 
I –  (Revoked by Law No. 12,403 of 2011). 
II –  (Revoked by Law No. 12,403 of 2011).

preventive requirements

Measures taken by the judge upon receiving the arrest warrant:  See notes to  Article 310 .

Presence or not of the precautionary requirements:  The literality of the device may imply that the precautionary measures of  article 319  would only be applicable when the requirements that authorize the preventive measure are absent. The device must be examined in conjunction with  Articles 282, paragraph 6 , and  310, paragraph 2 , according to which preventive measures may be replaced by precautionary measures other than prison. Even if the precautionary requirements are present, it will only be applicable if the precautionary measures in  article 319 prove to be inadequate or insufficient .

Principles to be observed

Article 282 criteria:  When applying the precautions of  article 319 , the criteria of article 282 must be observed,  namely, the criteria of necessity, adequacy, cumulativeness, proportionality, revocability, discretionary freedom, contradictory , ample defense and mutability. See notes to  Article 282 .


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