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Article 236 CPP -Translation of documents.

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Art. 236. Documents in a foreign language, without prejudice to their immediate attachment, will be, if necessary, translated by a public translator, or, failing that, by a suitable person appointed by the authority.

Document translation

When the translation is necessary:  ​​The translation is necessary when they are endowed with relevance for the clarification of the criminal dispute or its circumstances. If they have been written in Spanish, as it is a language easily understood by Brazilians, translation is unnecessary.


Translation of documents only if necessary:  ​​The translation into the vernacular of documents in a foreign language should only be carried out if such measure becomes absolutely “necessary” ( Inq 4.146, rel. min. Teori Zavascki, judgment on 6-22-2016 , DJE of 5-10-2016  – Bulletin 831, Plenary)


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