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Article 158-E – Custody and vestiges center.

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Art. 158-E. All Criminalistics Institutes must have a custody center for the custody and control of traces, and its management must be directly linked to the central body of official expertise of a criminal nature.   (Included by Law No. 13,964, of 2019)  (Effective)

§ 1 Every custody center must have protocol services, with a place for checking, receiving, returning materials and documents, enabling the selection, classification and distribution of materials, and must be a safe space and present environmental conditions that do not interfere trace characteristics.  (Included by Law No. 13,964, of 2019) (Effective)  

§ 2 At the custody center, the entry and exit of traces must be registered, including information about the occurrence in the investigation that relates to them. (Included by Law No. 13,964, of 2019) (Effective)  

§ 3 All persons who have access to the stored trace must be identified and the date and time of access must be recorded.  (Included by Law No. 13,964, of 2019) (Effective)   

§ 4 When processing the stored trace, all actions must be registered, including the identification of the person responsible for processing, the destination, the date and time of the action. (Included by Law No. 13,964, of 2019) (Effective)  

Remission: See comments to Article 158-A .


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