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Art. 407. Exceptions will be processed separately, pursuant to articles 95 to 112 of this Code. (Wording provided by Law No. 11,689, of 2008)

Processing of exceptions

Processing of exceptions: This device repeats what is contained in paragraph 1 of article 396-A . The regulation of exceptions is found in article 95and following. Exceptions of suspicion, incompetence of judgment, lis pendens, illegitimacy of the party and res judicata may be filed. The exception petition must be presented together with the prior defense, but separately, in a separate petition. Having knowledge of lis pendens, illegitimacy or res judicata, the judge must declare them regardless of any provocation by the parties. In the exceptions promoted by the parties, the provisions on the exception of lack of jurisdiction of the court must be observed, in what is applicable to them. With regard to lis pendens, illegitimacy, res judicata and the procedure relating to exceptions, see comments on article 110 .


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