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Article 371º CPP – Summons by order.

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Art. 371. Summons by order in the petition in which  it is requested shall be admissible, subject to the provisions of  article 357 .

subpoena by dispatch

Summons by order in the petition:  The MP and the defender (and others) can make various requests in the process (postponement of the hearing, for example) through a petition and the judge will decide through an order entered in the petition itself (“I grant the postponement of the hearing for such a day”, for example). The parties, witnesses, the offended party, the accused and all others who must attend the hearing will be summoned, receiving a copy of the petition with the order entered therein, at which time, under the terms of article 357, the bailiff will read the order to the summoned  and certify the delivery of the counterfeit with its acceptance or refusal.


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