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Article 37 CPP – Representation of foundations and associations.

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Art. 37. Legally constituted foundations, associations or companies may carry out criminal proceedings, and must be represented by whomever the respective contracts or statutes designate or, if they remain silent, by their directors or managing partners.

Legal entities

Brief comments:  The legal entity cannot, as a general rule, be an active subject of a crime. Yes, they can be its directors or administrators. As for being a passive subject of the crime, there is nothing to prevent it. In this case, in the case of a private action crime, the legal entity is authorized to file a criminal action upon complaint. It will be represented in court by whoever the statutes or contracts indicate or, in silence, by the directors or managing partners. Nullity due to illegitimacy of the party’s representative may be remedied ( Article 568 ), provided that the six-month statute of limitations has not elapsed.


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