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Art. 331. The amount consisting of the surety will be paid to the federal or state collection agency, or delivered to the public depositary, joining the respective knowledge to the file.
Single paragraph. In places where the deposit cannot be made immediately, the value will be handed over to the notary or a paying person, at the discretion of the authority, and within three days the value will be given the destination that signs this article, which everything will be included in the term of guarantee.

collection of bail

Deposit of the amount of the guarantee:  In Federal Justice, the guarantee has been paid either to Caixa Econômica Federal or to Banco do Brasil. In State Justice, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, it is taken to the Bank of the State of Rio Grande do Sul. The value of the bail is yielding monetary correction.

Where the deposit cannot be made immediately:  For example, the guarantee can be given on a holiday or on a weekend, cases in which the banks are closed. In this case, the amount of the guarantee is given to the paid person for the deposit to be made up to three days later.


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