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Article 27º CPP – Report of crime by any person of the people

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Art. 27. Any person from the people may provoke the initiative of the Public Prosecution Service, in cases where public action is appropriate, providing it, in writing, with information about the fact and authorship and indicating the time, place and elements of conviction.

Brief considerations:  Since this is a crime subject to unconditional public action, any member of the public can provoke the Public Prosecutor’s Office to file a criminal action. For this, you must provide him with the elements of conviction. If the elements of conviction are sufficient, the Public Prosecutor’s Office is authorized to propose a criminal action. If they are insufficient, the MP may request the opening of a police inquiry. Similarly, pursuant to paragraph 3, article 5, any person of the people who is aware of the existence of a criminal offense in which public action falls may, verbally or in writing, communicate it to the police authority, which, having verified the origin of the information, will send initiate an inquiry.


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