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Art. 262. A guardian shall be given to the minor accused. 

Minor Accused and Guardian

Device devoid of effect:  The reference is the under 21 and over 18 years old. In the past, failure to appoint a guardian to the minor, especially during interrogation, led to nullity. Today, in view of the provisions of article 5 of the new Civil Code, according to which “minority ceases at the age of eighteen, when the person is qualified to practice all acts of civil life”, it is understood as without any effect the Article 262 is now under examination. Incidentally,  Law No. 10,792, of 12.1.2003 , revoked  Article 194 , which prescribed: “if the accused is a minor,  the interrogation shall be carried out in the presence of a guardian ”. For the same reasons, article 5 of the CPP has been revoked.


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