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Article 206º CPP – Persons who may refuse to testify.

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Art. 206. The witness cannot exempt himself from the obligation to testify. However, the ascendant or descendant, the affine in a straight line, the spouse, even if divorced, the brother and the father, mother, or adopted child of the accused may refuse to do so, except when it is not possible , on the other hand, to obtain or integrate proof of the fact and its circumstances.

Witnesses who are not obliged to testify

Witness not located, hearing, diligence and nullity:  See  this same subheading under the heading Witnesses , in annotations to article 400.

Not binding:  The persons referred to in this provision are not binding, as established in  Article 208 . The relationship of the persons referred to in the device is with the accused, not with the offended.

Stable union:  The right provided for in article 206 extends to the partner, in the case of a stable union ( Law n. 9.278/96 ).

Impossibility of obtaining evidence by any other means:  The decision must be substantiated. Otherwise, the witness may refuse to testify. In any case, there is no provision of commitment.

False witness:  The persons listed in Article 206 are not liable for the crime of false witness. They give testimony as mere informants.

Legally separated and divorced:  The provision applies to them.


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