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Article 191º CPP – More than one defendant.

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Art. 191. If there is more than one accused, they will be interrogated  separately (Wording provided by Law No. 10,792, of 12.1.2003).

If there is more than one defendant, the interrogation is carried out separately.

Separate interrogation:  The interrogation of a co-defendant cannot be attended by the other, so that the testimony of one does not produce effects on the other.


Correspondent lawyers acting on their own behalf. Separate interrogation:  Not even the circumstance that the co-defendants are lawyers – acting in their own cause – removes the rule of art. 191 of the CPP ( HC 101.021/SP, rel. Min. Teori Zavascki, judged on 5/20/2014, decision published in the DJE of 6/9/2014  – Newsletter 747, Second Panel).


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