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Article 158-C – Custody. Trace collection.

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Art. 158-C. The collection of traces should preferably be carried out by an official expert, who will provide the necessary referral to the custody center, even when additional examinations are necessary. (Included by Law No. 13,964, of 2019) (Effective) 

§ 1 All traces collected during the investigation or process must be treated as described in this Law, with the central body of official expertise of a criminal nature being responsible for detailing the form of compliance. (Included by Law No. 13,964, of 2019) (Effective)  

§ 2. It is prohibited to enter isolated places, as well as to remove any traces of crime scenes before release by the responsible expert, and its performance is typified as procedural fraud. (Included by Law No. 13,964, of 2019) (Effective)  

Remission: See comments to Article 158-A .


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