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Article 138 of the CPP – Separate records.

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Art. 138. The specialization process of the mortgage and the attachment will be carried out separately. (Wording provided by Law No. 11,435 of 2006).

Filing in electronic separate process

Filing in separate electronic process:  Mortgage and seizure requests are incident procedures. They do not suspend the criminal process. Like all incidents, they must be reported separately so as not to embarrass or disturb the progress of the main process, which is not suspended. Being electronic, as all procedures tend to be from now on, they proceed independently and in an appendix. Attached in digital language means that you receive a viewable entry key, called  link . A link appears next to the main process  . Clicking on it opens the attached case (the incident case). Link it is english word. It means connection, link. It is a term often used in computing. It establishes a clickable command through word or image that allows redirection to another internet page (which may be another process).


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