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Article 111º CPP – Seperate records and non-suspension of the criminal action.

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Art. 111. The exceptions will be processed in separate records and will not, as a rule, suspend the progress of the criminal action.

Exceptions in separate records and do not suspend the criminal action

The rule and the exception:  As a rule , says Article 111, the exception does not suspend the main action. As a rule,  it means that the judge, considering the specific case, may consider it prudent to suspend. It is prudent when, given the reasons and other elements contained in the exception, there are good possibilities for the origin of the incident. After all, it makes no sense to carry out the main action and subsequently cancel it.

Another exception : In the case of exception of suspicion by the judge, when the opposing party recognizes the merits of the request, there is the possibility of the criminal action being suspended ( article 102 ). In that case, the power to stay the action rests with the court. 

Separate petition:  The exception petition must be presented together with the prior defense, but separately, in a separate petition ( article 396-A ).

Exception presented orally:  It must be taken by term and processed in separate records


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